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Chriss Tainment - The figure addiction

Cooperation Smalltinytoystore and Chriss Tainmeint

Chriss Tainment the figure addict introduces you to the Masters of the Universe Origins and Masterverse. Get a glimpse into the world of Mattel action figures.

Who is Chriss Tainment?

For several years he has been in the world of action figures, and especially in the area of ​​Masters of the Universe in all possible lines, from Vintage, Classics, Origins and most recently he has rediscovered the Masterverse for himself. In the future Chriss will take you into the history of Masters of the Universe and I will show you the many small detailed figures. To do this, make comparisons with old classics, or put the figures to the test in detail.

Feel free to check out his YouTube channel again. There's a lot more going on here. to the channel