Pre-order now and receive it on the release date. Our aim and ultimate goal is to deliver the figures and sets on the release date (plus/minus X working days). The MANUFACTURER reserves the right to postpone the release of figures and sets.

Worth knowing about PRE-ORDER

1. Get the figures/sets right after the release date.

2. Figures/sets are processed immediately after their appearance and when they arrive in our warehouse and sent to you in a safe and collector-friendly manner.

3. Pre-orders must be paid for in advance.

4. Cancellations are possible at any time, a cancellation fee of 20% of the purchase price will be retained. This is intended to prevent fun customers or best-price customers from placing an order arbitrarily.

5. Please pre-order as a separate order for figures/sets that can be delivered immediately.

6. We reserve the right to cancel pre-orders due to manufacturer source quantities, a refund of the purchase price will follow at short notice.

7. There is always a collective shipment of the figures, should you receive figures from your order prematurely, these additional costs are to be paid by yourself.

8. Pre-order the figures now! Although this item can arrive at any time, we assume that the manufacturer will release it in the month and year listed next to the item. Please note that this date is an estimate and is subject to change due to possible (and often likely) manufacturer delays. Upcoming items can also be canceled at any time without notice. We ship on a first come, first served basis so your order will be processed and shipped in order.

9. Complete shipment takes place after arrival of the last article. Or simply place an extra order, as there can be several months between some figures. Pay attention to the specified date, so we can also send figures ahead of time.